Persuasive Essay: The Consequences Of Smoking

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Smoking should not be illegal, this statement is supported by one billion people and they are increasing every day. The number of people smoking in the world reached more than one billion people [1]. It not logical that all of the one billion people are crazy or don’t know the consequences of smoking if there was. But of course the one billion people smoke for a reason, and of course that not all of the one billion will die or will have cancer. Know I am seventeen years old and I never heard any one talks about the benefits of smoking, all what we hear that it cause early death, premature aging and cancer. But the question is? Is that true, I don’t think so. We heard a lot of people talk about the tobacco and its effect on the heart, but no…show more content…
Pepsi,Coke,fast food in general and chips are more harmful than tobacco. My point is tobacco should be illegal for non-adult, or in other words only the one who is above eighteen should be authorized to buy tobacco. Basically what I want to say is when a child who is five years old get used to eat fast food and chips, basically he is killing himself early, but no one talks about Chips and Fast food should be illegal. If an adult start to smoke after eighteen years the effect will not be as a five years old eat chips and fast food since he is a child. And as we know the child body is sensitive and anything can damage it, in the other hand the adult body have more protection and not anything can affect it. in my point of view I think tobacco should be illegal for those who are under eighteen as the eastern countries. I am convinced that smoking is not harmful before I research about it, my perspective is if tobacco is harmful how the billion people who smoke are in a good medical status, and they are enjoying their lives in a perfect way. That contradicts all of the people and committees which are against tobacco. And that goes also to the one who will start to smoke, he can see one of his relatives in a good medical status, and by that he can convince himself that it's not harmful, and that is the

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