Portia's Experience: Documentary Analysis

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Compare the documentary with Portia's experience. The documentary was very educational. Portia and the three women in the documentary all felt the need to hide their disease. Portia disease started when she was 12, she was a model and she was told that she had a saggy butt. The other three women had different reason to why they started. Portia is more related to Rowena, because they are both related to photography. Both videos seems to mirror each other, they were both focused on control. Portia was a model; therefore she was apart of the media. Women on TV are often slim therefore it is a strong influence for Portia. Since she was a model. Name three factors that seem to trigger and/or perpetuate eating disorders. The three factors that seem to trigger perpetuate eating disorders are the need to be in control. People can control their body weight so it fills the urge to be in control for them. The second factor is the onset of eating disorders is typically preceded by dieting and other concerns about weight, supporting the idea that social standards stressing the importance of thinness play a role in the development of these disorders (Kring,…show more content…
The response to people who has this disease makes it hard for people to seek help. Since this is a mental issue it fall in line with the mental stigma. The mental stigma is that anyone who seeks help for their mental health are weak and people should stay away from them. People fear what they do not know. The women spoke about fear and how it holds them back. So fear is definitely something that would make it difficult for a person to seek treatment. Sociocultural ideal of thinness is a likely vehicle through which people learn to fear being or even feeling fat (Kring, Johnson, Davidson & Neal 2014 pg 348). According to Kring, Johnson, Davison, and Neale (2014), what treatments have been found to be effective in treating what different disorders? (cite page

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