Popular Culture: The Influences Of The Amish Culture

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While most people think of the Amish as a culture that is stuck in the past, I think, especially in today’s society of conformity, that they are actually anything but stuck in the past. They are sticking strong to everything they believe is the truth, and they have been doing exactly that for a long time. During the Protestant Reformation, they refused to conform to the popular belief of early baptism, believing instead that adult baptism was the better way, knowing that if someone made that decision themselves at an age where they were mature enough to understand it, it would be much better for the individual, and the community at large. They refuse to bring every new technology that pops up into their communities, instead taking the time to think about the impact it would have on them. They ignore popular culture, which is so intent on changing our beliefs, keeping their beliefs close at hand. One of…show more content…
Of course they don’t completely separate themselves, the amount of separation usually varies by community. In some communities, very few things from the outside world make it in, while others have invited electricity, phones, and in some cases computers into their communities. Nonetheless, the Amish are still thriving, mostly because they refuse to change their beliefs to

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