Politics Under Queen Victoria Research Paper

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Political happenings under queen Victoria's rule: -Even though there were several reforms, Women were unable to vote -Ireland was an integral part of the United Kingdom throughout that era -Britain’s political process was representative, not democratic. -The working class in England started to soar during this time. -in 1837, Queen Victoria the first ascended to her throne. -From 1839-1842, The opium war was fought between England and China -During this time, the united kingdom remained a major world superpower. -Even though Ireland had tried several times to become independent through britain’s parliament, they were struck down each time and remained part of Britain. -In 1845, The Irish potato famine started and wiped out 50% of ireland’s…show more content…
-in 1854, The Crimean War occurred; with England declaring war on Russia. -In 1861, Prince Albert died. Queen Victoria mourned him greatly, refusing to go out in public with her crown and instead wore a widow’s bonnet. -In 1867, British North America disbands from England to form a new country known as the dominion of Canada. The original four provinces of Canada were Canada East (Quebec), Canada West (Ontario), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. -Under the Elementary Education Act 1870, every child under 10 years of age had a right to free education. -In 1888, one of the most notorious murderers in history, dubbed Jack the ripper by newspapers has england in fear. His identity was never to be found. -In 1875, Egypt was in a major amount of debt, and as such, England bought Egypt's share in the suez canal to hold 44% share. Religion: -Religious morality changed quite dramatically during this era. -The Anglican Church was very powerful, and ran lots of public services such as schools and universities. -In an attempt to make people dedicate themselves and unquestionably obey the church, the church demanded obedience, submissiveness and resignation when

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