Analyze The Differences Between The North And South During The Civil War

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The Civil War was due to the south declaring their independence, and for the United States to recognize them as a Confederate state that hold slavery. The changes brought by the Civil War in the north and south are regard due to politics, cultures, and economy. The Civil War begin when South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas seceded from the Union and creating a nation called the Confederate States of America. The Democrats (South) see this as an opportunity to be free from being told what to do. The Republican (North) tried their best to persuade the south to come back and to rethink. However, the south decide enough is enough (No compromise could bring them back). One by one southern states initiate to withdraw…show more content…
Benjamin of Louisiana.” The culture in the north and south are similar in fighting for a powerful nation, flag, and Constitution. In the Civil War both sides consist of volunteers soldiers. Though, the north and south are two very opposite places. While the north (Union) have an advantage of railroads, steam-powered boats ships, and telegraph. They are able to transport supplies to soldiers and communicate between army headquarters and filed commanders. Compare to the south (Confederacy) that could produce plenty of food that could not reach soldiers or civilians in need.Northern culture prove to better than the south due to having a higher chance of winning the war(Spoiler: which they did). Northern strategy was to conquer and occupy a lot of territory as possible. The south nevertheless strategy was to hold out long enough to convince northerners (The Union) that the cost of victory was too high. Nonetheless, it did not work out that way. Both cultures are entirely different separating the north and south. During the Civil War, the economy changes. The north economy grew stronger while the southern economy grew weaker. For example, financing the war. Both the north and south

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