Pluto In The King Of The Planet: The Great Planets

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The Great Planets In a parallel universe, the nine planets live in peace and harmony with its cheerful and carefree citizens, buzzing from planets to planets. Then one day, the sky got all dark and gloomy, a sure sign that something bad is about to happen. A voice, as loud as a siren, boomed out of nowhere in Jupiter’s ears. It told Jupiter “Little, tiny Pluto does not qualify to be a planet. You must eject Pluto from the Great Planets immediately.” Jupiter thought for a while, but not knowing what to do, he decides to seek advice from his advisors, the other planets not including Pluto this time. The planets talked over one another, shouting out opinions in every direction before Jupiter hushed them. “Please, one at a time,” said Jupiter,…show more content…
Jupiter is the elected king of the whole universe and the other Great Planets are his advisors. Every planet has animal citizens. And unless it’s important, the planets rarely get together. A week later, the sky is still pitch-black. Jupiter sends out a message for all the planets. The message said, “To all advisors and citizens, I have deeply thought about the removal of Pluto from the Great Planets, and I’ve decided Pluto should be removed. Since I have first received the warning, the sky has not cleared. Therefore, Pluto is hereby removed as a Great Planet.” Pluto left; heartbroken by the way he was isolated and kicked out. Days have passed since Pluto left the Great Planets. The sky hasn’t cleared one bit, but getting darker and worst as days past. The sky is uninviting and ill-lit. Besides that, Jupiter is faced with troubles everywhere. His citizens are running out of food without the light to grow things. It’s raining in every area; and so flooded that the water is swallowing every piece of land as water continues to rise rapidly. The peaceful universe is completely…show more content…
Furious, he stopped listening. His citizens are dying, yet the enraged and angry Jupiter did nothing to help. Fortunately, Jupiter’s anger died down and he calls for a meeting. During the meeting the advisors had many reasons to why Pluto should be included again. Back in his office, and very puzzled by all the suggestion, he thought thoroughly. In his mind, he already believed it Pluto should stay, but thoughts of the Voice crept in his mind. He was having trouble deciding. Through long hours of thinking, he finally made his decision. Jupiter sends a message to tell Pluto he can be a Great Planet again. Although he’s message was kind of rude with no sympathy at all, Jupiter is too proud to send a regretful message. He was unwilling to send an apologetic letter. Without a proper letter with Jupiter’s sincere remorse, Pluto was not pleased to go back The other planets tried to talk to Jupiter, but he just won’t listen. The death rate slowly increases, until finally, Jupiter decides to personally apology to Pluto. Even though it was against his will, he lowered his head to apology to Pluto. Pluto accepts Jupiter’s sincere apology and agree to be friends. The sky becomes clear again; sounds of bird chirping fills the world and everything is back to normal, but Pluto plans to overthrow

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