Examples Of Embezzlement

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Abstract Imagine hiring someone and entrusting them to be in charge of your bookkeeping only to later realize that you are $1.8 million short. Embezzlement is defined as “the fraudulent appropriation of money or other property by a person to whom the money or property has been entrusted (Clarkson et al., 2012).” This embezzlement case involving employee Suzanne Glawatz and employer Dr. Marcelle Grassi is a type of white collar crime. A white collar crime is a “nonviolent crime committed by individuals or corporations to obtain a personal or business advantage (Clarkson et al., 2012).” This case also involves terms such as, fraud, scam, and duty of loyalty discussed in the Legal Environment and Concepts of Business I course. $1.8 MILLION EMBEZZLEMENT CASE What is the Case?…show more content…
Marcelle Grassi opened a doctor’s office in Lancaster, New York, in which she hired Suzanne Glawatz whom she entrusted with her bookkeeping. Glawatz worked under the employment of Dr. Grassi for sixteen years. From February 2007 to February 2014, however, Glawatz was able to embezzle a total of $1.8 million from her employer. Glawatz used this money to pay for her children’s private school, including her son’s law school, several golf memberships, a Mercedes Benz, and many family vacations. She lived a luxurious life off of the sweat and hard work of someone else all because of greed and the urge to impress
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