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Essential Things To Know About Plus Size Dress Forms Today we’re going to talk about a specific type of a dress form: the plus size! We are sure you know some of the basics about the dress forms, also known as dressmaker’s dummies. Although most of the dress forms come in standard sizes, and some of them are adjustable, there is also another type of such dummies, and they are especially created for dressmaker’s who need to create plus size clothing. So whether you wear plus size, or you regularly sew clothing for plus size persons, you may need to think about purchasing a plus size dress form. Why do you need a plus size dress form? As with any other type of dress forms, you need to know a few things about the plus size dress forms, prior to making your purchase. So let’s start by acknowledging the reasons why you…show more content…
You need to get a pinnable dress form if you want to use it for draping. - Head, arms and legs. You may need to get them for specific types of garments. However, if you don’t need them, then you can look for a simple dress form, as you may save some money on it. - Proportions. Although you need to choose the size, you also need to pay attention to proportions. You definitely don’t need a dress form with a rather bizarre look. Pay attention to the bust and stomach, for example. However, you should consider your needs when you check the proportions of a dress form. - Adjustable. Especially if you need to sew plus size garments, you need to get an adjustable dress form. Some of them have cogs and wheels that allow you to make the dress form larger or smaller. - Fitting. If you want to use the dress form for fitting, you need to get one that is very similar to you in measurement and proportions. - Weight. You may think that the weight of a dress form is not relevant, but it is more important than you think. Some of the dress forms are very heavy, while others are lighter. This is an important aspect if you need to move your dress form

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