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Increasing the Rate of Organ Donation In recent years, several people started to read and to learn about organ donation because they start to perceive how important is. Organ donation is when someone donates an organ. Transplantation is the process of transplanting an organ in a patient's body. There are four different types of organ transplantation process, which are allografts (1), isografts(2), autografts (3), and xenografts (4). Many countries are trying to increase the rate of organ donations; as a result, they started to educate the citizens about organ donation. These countries are doing this because organ donation is a crucial issue that needs to be taken into account. Therefore, we should think about this issue in this way, since we can save many lives, why we cannot help them. By donating organs, we can help many diseased people. For example, if there is a brain dead person, this person can help nine lives by donating his heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas,…show more content…
Many diseased people are waiting for a donor. The distance between patients' life and death is short, and by providing organs, they may survive. However, there are some people have the wrong knowledge about organ donation, or the wrong attitudes. In addition, some personal conscientious beliefs influence their thoughts toward organ donation. Therefore, the country should try to increase the citizens' knowledge, change their attitudes and beliefs toward organ donation. As a result, the rate of organ donations would rapidly increase. In the end, you should put in your mind that helping the others is something nice because if you are helping someone today, one day he or she will help you because as we know, what goes around comes around. Also, never feel sorry because you helped someone; instead feel happy because you saved someone's

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