Benny And Joon As Juniper Pearl

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Mary Stuart Masterson has a leading role in the movie Benny and Joon as Juniper Pearl, a young woman who seems to have her own rules and ways of living. At first glance, Joon appears to be a shy, reserved, creative and artistic woman. Though taking a closer look, Joon has an undefined mental disorder that causes her to become erratic, delusional and emotionally unstable. Throughout this I would like to discuss these behaviors, thoughts and symptoms in depth and potentially diagnose Joon with a correct psychological disorder(s). II. Hypothesis Juniper and Benjamin Pearl have been able to go through the ups and downs of life, some more challenging than others. Though Benny seems to have a little more on his plate than Joon. On a dailly basis, Joon has to be kept under close watch to ensure that she is able to function properly throughout the day. Benny, who is unable to watch Joon throughout the day, has hired housekeepers. Joon is reluctant towards housekeepers and has caused Benny to find multiple replacements. Within the first half hour of the movie, the current housekeeper, Mrs. Smail has resigned from the position due to Joon's unpredictable and violent outbursts.…show more content…
Though if they decide to drive, Joon has a self proclaimed requirement to wear a helmet while riding in the car. While driving on the way to Benny's poker game, Joon notices someone hiding in a tree. Both make eye contact, though Benny and Joon continue to drive by. Little does Joon know, this man in the tree will have a large impact in her

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