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Death Penalty For many years, the death penalty has been very controversial around the United States. Americans have typically favored the death penalty, nearly sixty percent. But, there are also a large amount of Americans who are against the death penalty. Currently, there are thirty one states that have the death penalty, while nineteen states do not. (Death Penalty Information Center). I believe that the death penalty should be abolished throughout all states. There are multiple reasons as to why I think the death penalty should be abolished, including how high the cost are, how innocent people get killed, and because of racism. To begin with, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, (S. Brown, "The death penalty: Worth the cost?" NWI Times, July 4, 2010) the average cost to a county for a trail and direct appeal is over ten times more than a life-without-parole case. The average of a death cost is $449,887, as for the average cost of $42,658 for a life-without- parole case. There was a study by the Legislative Services Agency for the General Assembly that found that even with factoring in the longer incarceration period for those people sentenced to life without parole, the cost…show more content…
One of the states with the highest rate of execution since 1976 is Texas, with 528 executions. ( Death Penalty Information Facts Sheet) Carlos Deluna, in 1989, was executed, in Texas. He was thought to have stabbed a woman named Wanda Lopez. DeLuna maintained his innocence throughout his imprisonment. Delunda had claimed that Carlos Hernandez was the actual killer, who had looked so similar to Delunda that friends and family had mistaken the two photos of the men. In a 430 page report, a Columbia Law School Professor James Liebman reveals that Deluna was innocent and convicted. (See A. Cohen, "Yes, America, We Have Executed an Innocent Man,", May 14, 2012; M.

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