Descriptive Essay: Kennett Middle School

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Warm wind blew lazily across my neck, and through the miniscule holes in my jersey. Ready to run, my eyes roam across the whistling sheaves of dry corn. The green grass of Kennett Middle School stretches out before the many cross country runners waiting for the starting gun to sound. I start taking deep breaths full of precious oxygen; my pounding heart pushes my blood throughout my body. Nervous teammates and opponents rustle noisily as my attentive ears listen for the command to start. Suddenly, a strong, loud voice rings out, “On your mark! Get set! GO! Bang!” My legs spring into action as my arms swiftly pump back and forth. I settle into a rhythmic stride with my teammate Cole in the front. I feel the bristly blades of grass brush the sides of my shoes softly. I look ahead and see the flags, which mark the course, cracking and flapping in the distance. The winds suddenly pick up and start to buffet my face. On the side fields, soccer and football players cheer us on. The cornfields, just ahead, show the mile marker for the race. Following the flags I encounter a shady lane where ground hog holes grab at runners feet. A girl cries out as she trips over a hole and falls down painfully. Just ahead, I see the mile marker as I increase my pace.…show more content…
My legs stride rhythmically as I glide down the verdant steeply sloped hill. Salty sweat covers my face and drips into my mouth as I rush down the hill. My straining muscles scream as I run up another long hill. My breathing becomes heavy and prolonged as I round yet another corner. Ahead of me a group of adults clap and cheer as I run by, and ahead I see a flag signaling the last quarter mile of the race. I dig into the ground and increase my pace with the precious amount of energy remaining in my weary legs. Suddenly, I see the finish line and a large group of coaches and adults

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