Affirmations In My Life Essay

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Do the affirmations need to be true in my life right now? No, the affirmations you listen to or consciously repeat to yourself don´t need to be true. Many athletes, entrepreneurs, and other people who know the power of affirmations use them as part of their ritual to manifest goals – BEFORE they have manifested in the physical reality. That´s the genius thing about affirmations – they become true. What if some affirmations make me feel uncomfortable? That can be because a part of you is resisting the affirmation. Maybe it´s out of your comfort zone, even if it´s positive. Another reason can that the affirmation itself can make you feel uncomfortable – that is not a bad thing. The affirmation “I love and accept myself” can surely bring emotions…show more content…
What kind of person is the ideal me?” It doesn't need to be perfect the first time you write it, refine it along the way. On day 10 it may be completely different from day one. I can share with you an example of my written intention that I use both in the evening and morning. Feel free to use this as a guideline to your own and by all means, copy what resonates with you. I am not holding back on anything; I go all in here: I, Kenneth Soares, see, hear, feel and know that I live my life with passion and purpose. I am Always willing and eager to give, grow and expand so that I can live my highest potential - To generously spread knowledge, love, and healing to every soul that crosses my path, in person and thought - to inspire and uplift myself and others. I am always focused on solutions and opportunities in all situations, and I always find them. I am moving my body with a passion because motion creates energy, vitality, and high vibrational emotions. I am constantly improving my life because I am committed to living fully. I am a master creator, and I honor that truth by living that truth. Therefore I take 100% responsibility for everything that I experience in my life, for that connects me with my inner power and
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