Piggy's Allegory

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An allegory is a series of characters or a symbol that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning usual a moral one. In lord of the flies William Golding uses allegory to represent human nature through the characters. For example piggy represent the intellectual side of a man, ralph represent the civilized side of a man and jack represent the savagery or the evil side of a man. In lord of the flies Piggy is represented as the intellectual side of a man. Throughout the novel Piggy was able to stay calm and thoughtful about situations presented. He is physically weak but mentally strong. In the beginning of the novel piggy he is the one who first had the idea to ask Ralph his name (pg9). He also had the conch idea, the fact that who has the conch gets to talk so everyone it is going to be fair to everyone. On page 38 Piggy seemed to be older and reasoned ass an adult. He says on page 38 “like a crowd of kids”. William Golding uses the character piggy as an allegory for the intellectual side of human kind to tell readers how people like piggy are treated in the real world.…show more content…
Ralph is a helpful character he always tries his best to help others that cannot defend themselves. In the novel the part where they littluns believe that they saw a beast, Ralph was the one who was very passionate towards them and tried to calm them down. Another fact when they tribe was eating and they refuse to give Piggy, Ralph again helped Piggy by giving him a part of the meat. William Golding used civilization as an allegory in his novel to show us how civilization is important because if the boys agreed to stick with civilization jack would never become a savage and a bully. In the real world there are some people that are not civilized and they think they can do whatever wherever and some things are not doable in some
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