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Music is a language for all humans’ beings. It is a language that we can use when normal language is of little use or meaning. We use music to modulate our own emotions and those of others. In addition, music creates strong feelings and it creates strong memories and is a crucial tool for our human development. Having attended two different concerts, these concerts produced different kinds of music, however, both concerts provided entertainment, create a sense of community feelings, and similarities with structure, message, and program/schedule Having experiencing this concert, I looked backed to chapter one and asked what is soundscape. Soundscapes refers to different aspects of the musical environment, ranging from a single music tradition…show more content…
It’s all about fitting together of different musical sections, most often including a chorus, verse, bridge and hook. (Moxey, n.d.) The song structure can take flexible forms. AAA Song Form is also called Strophic Song Form or One-Part Song Form. The term "Strophic" comes from the Greek word, “strophe”, which means “verse”. The term "One-Part" derives from the repetition of one distinct musical theme as the song progresses. (Moxey, n.d.) In fact, AAA is one of the earliest song forms. It dates back to the earliest adaptions of popular poems being set to music. (Moxey, n.d.) AAA Song Form is still popular within both the Folk music scene and the Country music scene. AAA Song Form is divided into sections of song called verses. Each verse of song is musically the same, in this song form, with each repetition being labeled with the letter "A". Simplicity of structure makes this song form very easy to remember. For example, Amazing Grace is in AAA form. Another form that I noticed was Ternary form. Ternary form consists of three parts of which the outer two (labeled A) are identical. The second, or middle, section (labeled B) contrasts the outer two sections. For example, Jimmy Buffett song “Margaritaville” is in ABA form. Another song structure is a refrain. A refrain is a part of a verse which the same words are repeated, with the same melody. The refrain is repeated, most commonly, as the last line of every verse section. For example, Eternal Father, Strong to Save uses a refrain. Another important factor in music is texture. Texture is the way various musical sounds and melodic lines blend. When hearing texture in music one must ask oneself how many melodies are occurring and how are they related? The three textures in music are: Monophonic, Polyphonic, and Homophonic. During the organ concert, a guest vocalist sung Amazing Grace without any music

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