Tom Brady Thesis Statement

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Throughout Tom Brady’s career he has lead the New England Patriots to numerous playoff appearances and multiple Super Bowl wins. Brady has never had a losing record as a starter in the NFL, and many people wonder how Brady has been able to keep wining even though he is 40 years old. Brady and his coach Bill Belichick have been to seven straight AFC championship games. He has won a total of five super bowls throughout his career, and has a chance to win his sixth. Brady has set multiple NFL records not only in the playoffs but in the regular season as well. Many sport writers find him to be the top quarterback of his time. Tom Brady’s team is also hated by many people throughout the country because it seems to them that they never lose. Keep in mind that he doesn’t have the best td/int ratio in the league or the highest completion percentage, but he has proven himself to be a capable leader of one of the most explosive offensives in the NFL. Brady has also lead many comebacks such as Super Bowl 51. In college he was known as the “comeback kid”.…show more content…
When Tom entered the draft in 2000 many scouters said “has this kid heard of a weight room” and “he has the inability to get the ball down field and avoid pressure”. Tom Brady throughout his career has been proving them wrong. He has worked on all these things they said he couldn’t do. He has single handedly put the New England Patriots as one of the NFL’s top teams, and is part of one of the best dynasties the NFL history. Many people accuse him of cheating, but that’s what people tend to do when a player/team is too good for too long. Tom Brady in his career has lead hi tem to many playoff appearances, Super Bowl titles, and comebacks. His most recent comeback was in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons. Heading into the second half of the game Brady was trailing the Falcons

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