Persuasive Speech On Asylum Seekers

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Last year, Australia accidentally found its place on the International Human Rights Watch list last year. This year however, it wasn’t a mistake. Australia remains as one of the top human rights abusers for nine reasons. Tyrants of the Asylum Seekers There aren’t any surprises here; the treatment of Asylum Seekers has been an issue that all Australians are aware of. Asylum Seekers sail across the seas in hope that they’ll find a safe place to inhabit. Suffering numerous burdens and bruises, no matter how hard they try, Australia still refuses to grant them the safety they plead for unless they’ve been identified. However, this is not the issue, the way that these Detention Centres treat the refugees is unacceptable and brutal. As it says on the list of human rights,…show more content…
Nowadays, children in detention centres are subject to sexual abuse and physical abuse. Many asylum seekers view these centres as prisons. After sailing the rough seas and making sacrifices that none of us would dare to make in search of a safe shelter and freedom, they come to find that they need to go through another prison to be free. But how long will they stay in these prisons for? Although some people might say that the asylum seekers deserve to remain in these prison-like conditions because their identity is not confirmed, however is it really necessary to make them feel worthless? As far as we know, they’ve crossed the land, sailed across the seas, been through hell and back; yet we still refuse to let bruises sway our decisions Gender

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