Brianne Salera The Dictator

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In __________, Brianne Salera holds one of the most important positions, aside from the position of the Dictator. Salera could be described as Oda Nobumbera’s right hand man, or the Assistant and Prime Minister to the Dictator. She is in charge of discussing financial, political, defensive, and citizen topics with Nombumera, and passing them through the chain of command. Fluent in fourteen different languages, Salera travels with the dictator, and deals with foreign affairs, which makes her the only person who is not the dictator, to travel outside of the country. Weighing one hundred and eighty five pounds of pure muscle, Brianne Salera does not find it difficult to force people into agreeing or negotiating with her. Graduating as the top…show more content…
With genetics on his side, he is one of the most muscular, aggressive people in ______________. Due to his natural capabilities, and his extraordinary, record breaking military skills, like his grandfather, Reilly was appointed the Supreme Commander and Chief of the Army. Between detailed conversations with the Dictator himself, Brianne Salera, and Breonna Runk, Noah Reilly plans strategies of attacks and takeovers of neighboring countries, while building up the strongest defensive military in the world. Also, Noah Reilly is in charge of the four branches of the military, Aere (the Air Force), Terram (the Army), Unda (the Navy), and Secret Police force, Noah directs their locations, basic training routines, and strategies, while under the watchful eye of the Oda…show more content…
Working at an oilrig, he helps fill the containers with specific types of oil. Reilly works five days a week, for eight hours a week. With this, there an hour break included. His work is a very important piece to the foundation of the country. Without him, there would not be any oil for the country to sell and make a profit, and because of this, Reilly enjoys the several benefits that the government allows him to have. These include, free passes to, (depending on what activity is being hosted), an event on Sunday, good insurance coverage, the assurance of food for his family, and protection from foreign invaders. Raymond Reilly’s class could be described like a beehive. Without the worker bees putting in their fair share of the work, there would be no Queen

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