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Euroloo have been getting a lot busier this past week with a number of customers booking in septic tank emptying. Despite sending out annual letter reminders, we’ve had a number of customers calling early due to the heavy rainfall we’ve had in the last few weeks. Sadly, not all septic tank owners were aware that the rainfall could actually affect it. To give you a little insight, here’s a guide to just how rainfall can and will often affect your septic tank including everything you need to know. When we have heavy amounts of rainfall, septic tanks can often act as if they were full and in need of being emptied. The reason for this? Well, if there’s heavy rainfall then the drain field area that’s connected to the septic tank can become saturated meaning the tank won’t be able to drain properly. This means you’re likely to experience slow drains or in some instances, water may even back up into your drains causing a clog. This is due to the wastewater having nowhere to go but straight back up from where it came. The best course of action for such an event is to drastically reduce the amount of water you use. If you have a pump, turn it off and in very severe situations then we usually advise the use of a porta loo. By reducing or eliminating the water flowing down your drains, you reduce the chance of a clog. In some cases however, the only way to resolve the problem is to have our expert septic tank emptying team pay you a visit to empty your tank.…show more content…
To help matters, we spoke to our expert team here at Euroloo and asked them for their top tips on keeping your septic tank in great shape. Here’s what they had to

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