Ysrael By Junot Diaz Summary

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Some people feel like that they are “other” in society, because they are excluded from groups. Other people seem to belong to groups on the surface. However, they feel alienated or lonely in their hearts. In his stories, Junot Diaz gives examples of being “other.” His stories focus on the themes of loneliness, sex, addiction, disability, and abuse. Each of these problems may let a person feel be abandoned by society. In “Ysrael,” Junot Diaz tells us the story of a boy who becomes an outcast among other children. The main character is Yunior and his older brother, Rafa. They decided to see what is a real Ysrael looks like, and they travel a long way by themselves, trick him into walking with them. Then attack him, Yunior feels sympathy to Ysrael through conversation, but Rafa treates Ysrael like someone bland. The difference between the two brothers indicates that Rafa is comfortable with his place in society. In “Fiesta, 1980,”. Wilquins is another disabled character. He is a mute boy who attends the same party with Yunior and Rafa. In this story, Yunior remembers, “Wilquins whipped out a bag of dominos and motioned to me. Did I want to play? Sure” (Diaz 33). The two stories are similar that Yunior seems more comfortable with a disabled boy than his own brother. The story also shows that Yunior has a type of…show more content…
In this story, he has a relationship with Aurora. Aurora is a drug addiction. It is another kind of disability. he is cruel, and his relationship with Aurora is full of pain. Yunior states, “after a while I hit her and made the blood come out of her ear like a worm but right then, in that apartment, we seemed like we were normal folks” (Diaz 66). Most people in society would look down on Yunior’s and Aurora’s apartments, and they also mistreat each other. If people become outsiders in their minds, they will fail to relate to other people successfully and will feel

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