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Drones or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), the future of our modern warfare and a popular toy, or are they just a toll of destruction? As we all know there are many drones that are used in the Middle East to scout and destroy targets. Unfortunately these drones kill more civilians than it saves, among the 421 strikes from 2004-2015 Obama authorized 370 of these strikes. The drone strikes in Pakistan alone killed 2,476-3,989 people, 423-965 were civilians among these civilians were 172-207 children. There are other countries that the US attacks with UAV’s such as Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan. These attacks not only traumatized families but also devastate the entire local population. The United States claims to be fighting terrorism, but drones have a 2% success rate, in a recent drone raid there were 41 men who were targeted, yet the death toll was 1,147 people, with these statistics it shows that for every man killed with a drone there are 21 innocent civilians that lose their lives. The people who live in countries where these…show more content…
According to the international humanitarian law, the person or people being targeted must be directly participating in hostilities with the United States; they also must pose an imminent threat to the US. The CIA has a profile that the target must fit, yet there is minimal government oversight of the people controlling the drones. There are many companies than mass produce drones for civilians, such as Estes or inspire. These drones can range from 50-1500$. You can get many different options and accessories, these are a variety of cameras and speeds and sizes. These drones and for entertainment purposes but it is only a matter of time before someone with bad intentions attaches an explosive or bio weapon to it, there is much controversy around whether there should be licenses and registration for these civilian drones to keep who has a drone on the

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