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Early Stacking Strategies for NFL Week 4 You can look over dozens of fantasy football cheat sheets and employ all the fantasy football draft strategies you want. The simple fact is that the NFL is almost a crapshoot from week to week. Just look at the volatility from week two to week three. Coming in to the weekend, the Jets defense looked like a demon possessed while the Eagles offense looked like a review of a cheesy, underfunded horror movie about a possessed doll. Then the Eagles went out and beat the Jets. Go figure. If one daily fantasy football tip has remained constant this season, it is that the stacking strategy has actually been beneficial in most money leagues. If you are a fan of the stacking strategy, then look no further than Big Money Fantasy Sports. Essentially, the stacking strategy is the fantasy football draft strategy at BMFS. It’s simple. Fantasy owners pick four players on one team from eight matchups for the week. What’s great about this is that the stud you know will crush it on Sunday can pick up the slack of the teammate that may or may not see pay dirt. If you knew that the Patriots were going to trounce the Jaguars due to a balanced passing attack led by Tom Brady, then what is your excuse for missing out on some scratch at BMFS? They’ve already dished out over $20,000 this year and there are no plans to stop. Let’s get started on…show more content…
User pitts. 83 played two teams and one roster en route to 6001 total yards and a 15 point win over Rotoshannon’s Rambler’s 65. Pitts. 83 utilized the stacks from Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England, Atlanta, Arizona, Seattle, Cincinnati and Carolina on both his Bald Eagle and The Popemobile rosters. As far as fantasy football team names, both pitts. 83 and Rotoshannon have some catching up to do from what I think is by far the leader in any league: user Blockhead’s “Reverse Giraffe” from his week two

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