Persuasive Essay On Diet Plan

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Nearly half of the Americans have taken weight loss as a crucial topic to work on. Excess weight is an invitation to diseases like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and joint pains. All these diseases are life threatening and treating them might take quite a long time. Remember, weight loss is a gradual process and needs time to show its results. Our body needs time to accept the fact that you are losing weight and that you are taking various steps to reduce it. The changes you inculcate for weight loss have to be slow and balanced. The weight loss diet plan is profitable to lose weight in a simple and natural way. Introducing or deducting food items from your daily meals has to be a gradual process. Instant…show more content…
The unnatural methods for weight loss is eating diet supplements instead of eating meals. The diet supplements contain processed food sources that can make you feel full and hence you skip your meals after consuming the pills. These supplements can be in the form of diet pills, protein powder, diet shakes, and diet semi fluid shakes. All these unnatural diet plan can help you to lose weight, but these results are temporary and can cause severe side effects. The diet supplements should be taken under the supervision of a doctor or a fitness expert. Diet supplements tend to suppress your appetite which makes you feel less hungry. Due to less intake of food you start losing weight. But once you stop taking these diet supplements, you gain weight immediately. Hence, following unnatural weight loss diet plan can lose weight on a temporary basis with side effects in it. The diet pills manufacturers recommend eating the diet supplements on behalf of the meals. You can skip any one or two to three meals in a day and eat the supplements for effective weight loss. These supplements are rich in glucose content due to the processed sources used in producing them. The glucose content can lead to gain weight if consumed in higher

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