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Arctic Dreams The arctic is the youngest ecosystem at only ten thousand years old which makes it the most interesting one. Lopez, has made multiple visits to the Arctic and takes very detailed observations of everything in the Arctic including living and nonliving things. He has done a lot of research on the Arctic in an institute in America. Lopez is a great scientist that uses a lot of detail in his observations. The book Arctic Dreams talks a lot about the multiple trips that people have been on in the previous centuries in the frozen region. The Arctic is full of wonders and there are many discoveries that are still to be made there. In this book, animals play a very important role. Lopez writes a lot about ringed seals, whales walruses,…show more content…
He writes a lot about the species of the arctic in very deep detail. This book talks a lot about polar bears and how they hibernate and create dens for their selves. Female pregnant polar bears live off their fat during the winter and they lose half their body weight in the months between October and April. There isn't a way for the animal's habitat to be destructed because there isn't a way for humans to set up any industrial factories and such. He has very detailed observations of nonliving things such as icebergs and the sky. He compares these things to a lot of other things such as the moon with a lot of detail. Lopez describes explorers who have been in the northern Arctic Region like the Eskimos. Eskimos, in his mind are fighting a battle against man and the industrialized regions. The industrialized civilization threatens the Arctic environment by producing harmful effects that hurt the fragile region. In the book, he tells the reader than around ninety percent of the population has died off from diseases like pneumonia, smallpox, and other harmful diseases. The . that lived there are sometimes friendly or either rude. Sometimes rob the people who go to the Arctic place and other times they help people out. Most of the .

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