Persuasive Essay On Circus Animals

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These amazing animals have no protection at all due to the government having no monitors or CCTV cameras on the trainers during training sessions which allows trainers to do as they please with the elephants such as keeping them for numerous amounts of hours for training without a break or a drink of water. They use cruel training methods and techniques striking them with bullhooks and shocking them with electric prods if they do not co-operate with the trainers, although more times than others the elephants do not understand what is being asked of them due to tiredness, lack of energy or they simply do not know what the trainer is asking them to do because the trainer is not using the proper instructions. Circuses are constantly on all over…show more content…
When they get upset, scared or feel threatened their natural instinct is to protect themselves and to run away from the danger they see. This can be a massive problem for elephants in the circus because if they get scared and run they will not only cause danger for themselves, also to the people in the circus watching the act such as in 1992 an elephant, Janet charged from a circus arena with 5 children on her back and again in 1994 an elephant, Tyke killed her trainer and injured 12 spectators of the circus audience both elephants ran terrified because they did not understand what was happening, unfortunately when elephants turn rampage there is no stopping them and calming them down ending in the elephants having to be shot down and killed Tyke was shot almost 100 times and Janet was also shot down and killed. Since 2000, more than 35 dangerous incidents have occurred with elephants and the…show more content…
Making elephants perform to make us laugh and keep us amused is wrong it is teaching children that abusing and mistreating animals is OK when it is not one bit OK is this the message we want to give out to the future generation that it is OK to treat animals bad as long as it entertains

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