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At this point in the story Pi, the main character says this, “I have nothing to say of my working life, only that a tie is a noose, and inverted though it is, it will hang a man nonetheless if he’s not careful.’’ He was speaking about places he wants to go and what he job he wants to pursue when he is older. This is when the quote is brought up, this quote refers to men and how they work so hard it could be referred to as being hung by his tie. I find this quote interesting because in all my years in the world, I have seen many hardworking people who go to work nine to five day in and day out. This quote captured my attention as soon as my eyes glanced at the words plastered on the page. I have never thought of going to work in such a dark, deeper way. This quote makes me think of all the men who wear ties to work who probably bury themselves in an occupation. The men and women who push themselves to their breaking point to get the job done, who spend so many hours behind a desk with a persistent attitude to succeed.…show more content…
The main character leads a transition into talking his about the topic of hardworking behavior and what he wants to pursue later in life. This quote has no specific reasoning to why it was written, but it sure makes you think about this quote could actually be realistic. Based on the average person’s life in America, this quote actually can describe someone’s work load. America’s working class over works themselves. Many people today struggle to make money to pay the bills, to feed their kids, to buys basic needs. When you over work yourself, in the way the quote sees it is that you are killing yourself to make end’s meat. Today in America many people work longer days; longer hours, with less vacation time, and have to work longer due to later retirement. So this quote is very relevant to an American working class

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