Persuasive Essay On Cancer Awareness

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Have you noticed how some people live their lives in "cancer prevention" mode? They attempt to eat well, exercise, and do certain things with the mindset of warding off cancer. It's like they assume it's out there waiting to pounce and they must kept it at bay. Why not eat healthy, get proper rest, and exercise because it makes you feel better? Why not operate from a place of feeling good instead of living in fear? Instead of trying to avoid something, like cancer, how about we approach something, like a fun, fulfilling life? You can do "good" things, yet if your thoughts are dwelling on the "wrong" reason, you still are living from a place of fear. Consider the statements: "I'm going to eat broccoli and run three miles a day so I don't…show more content…
Bruce Lipton states: "You are in control of your genes... and are changing them often - daily and perhaps even hourly - based on the foods you eat, the air you breathe, and the thoughts you think." You do have power over your own life. In every way! What you do, how you treat your body, and what you think are the controlling factors of your well being. Dr. David Rakel states: "Epigenetics means 'around the gene' or if you will, the soup in which we bathe our genes is determined by human choice. We are the cooks of our soup that influences if our genes are healthy or diseased. Even if your family has a history of cancer, there are things you can do to bathe that gene in a way to keep it from expressing itself. This means your genes may produce healthy tissue instead of tissue that is diseased." His statements continue: "We have a choice to bathe our genes with joy, happiness, exercise, and nutritious foods, or we can bathe them with anger, lack of hope, junk food and sedentary lifestyle... I can make positive lifestyle choices that can keep a gene from being expressed as a disease." Human attitude has a tremendous influence on health. It can be so simple and now science is proving it. (I'll spare the intricate scientific details of DNA and genes; it's basically like each gene has an on/off

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