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Bottled water is not a wise consumer choice because the more bottles of water bought means the more bottles thrown on the ground or in the dump. Water bottles are not free either, they cost money to make, and the effects that the water bottles have had on people using them or being around them are dangerous. All together water bottles are just a big hassle and wasted resources that we could be using for other, better thing. So, hopefully this will change your mind about bottled water being good for us. To begin with, the human population will never stop growing, so the more people, the more water bottles bought. Having said that the more water bottles bought means there are going to be more thrown on the ground or in the landfills. Water bottles aren't decomposable either, they could take 450-1,000 YEARS to disappear! A town in Sydney called Bundanoon had an idea to get back the expenses from not selling bottles anymore by selling reusable bottles to fill up at water fountains . That is a great way to earn back money but still cut back on bottled water usage. As stated in the passage it noted “ Some of the town’s 2,500 residents say they support the plan because…show more content…
Water doesn't just magically pop up in water bottles or comes out of aplant. Water has to come from somewhere, and there is only and few places where it can be taken from, but the main one is a aquifers. Aquifers are underground layer of water-bearing rock where people get their water from. Aquifers have rich water that is pre-purified and tastes amazing. The aquifers are getting fewer and fewer because the water bottle demand is so incredibly high. Aquifers are an important part to the environment for the water supply they give to the plants and growth around them. If people keep draining aquifers we will drained and we will run out of water before expected. So, if water bottles get banned we will have our aquifers

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