Glycerin In Bubble Ology

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Review of literature-Bubble-ology We would be trying to find out which mixture makes the best bubble solution so the bubble will last longer in the air.For the experiment We will use detergent corn syrup glycerin and water.We will used the glass jars to put the bubble solutions.The bubble solutions will be tested outside.We we blow the bubble we will catch it with the want we will make with the pipe cleaners.Finally,while we are testing the bubbles at the same time we will be recording the data. Topic:What is glycerin? Glycerin is a thick liquid that has no color and its sweet.Glycerin is used in the food industry,and rpersonal care.Doesnt have any smell to it.Glycerin dissolves in alcohol and water.It…show more content…
Is part or solids.Is the behavior or pebax.Is the ability deformed matirel body to be the same as before.Elastic properties is tryin to chnage someone or something back how they were.It is similar to physical properties that dont change.Is of solid materials.Has to be able to go to its original shape.It contains rubber and steel.Elastic properties can change anything that was changed before back how it was so then it will be how itb was before.For example is if you accidently delete something you can back it up and it will be fixed. Topic: What is detergent? Used in words “soap” and “detergent” that is two different things.But detergent is chemical substance used to break and remove grease and grime.Soap is a kind of detergent.But they are two different things.Detergent contains no chemicals or perfumes.Detergent is used to clean clothes and removes stains.It is also used to wash your hair,and also removes oil stains.Detergent has surfactants molecules that have diffrent ends.One is in water and the other is in oily substances.It also removes grease and grime.Back then dergent was completly natural and todays detergents have all kinds of chemicals.The important ingredent in detergent is

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