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Explication of Good and Evil ‘217’ glimmers in the light and a pair of blinking eyes are looking in the reflection. A moment as still as time. Curiosity pangs in his chest. The smell of death seeps out underneath the door and in between the cracks. This unknowing sense of fear and vulnerability is Stephen King’s way to get inside the reader’s head while also keeping them on the edge of their seat. In King’s novel, The Shining, the suspense could be cut with a knife. It is said that King’s past experiences have influenced his eerie writing style. Throughout King’s novel, The Shining, he uses characterization and symbolism to represent the theme of good and evil within humans. Being an outsider all his life, Stephen King stuck to what he…show more content…
Kraft notes that he started writing when he was very young. So young that in highschool he published a collection of 18 short stories named ‘People, Places and Things.’ He went on to graduate from University of Maine majoring in English (232). Although his education influenced him to become a writer, his life experiences impacted his writing style as a whole. Having his father abandon his family when he was only 2 had a negative effect on King’s life. However, he left behind a collection of supernatural fiction writings. Unbeknownst to King, this would influence his writing style for many years and novels to come (Bleiler 526). Commenting on those stories, King says, “That book, courtesy of my departed father, was my first taste of a world that went deeper than the B-pictures which played at the movies on Saturday afternoon or the boys’ fiction of Carl Carmer and Roy Rockwell.” In 1973, King started to write a novel based on the ideas of adolescent…show more content…
Some may call him the “literary equivalent to a brand name.” This makes King’s writings more understandable as they are more widely known and analyzed. Through his writing, he shows the importance of character and setting development. This writing style has impacted a lot of other authors and influenced them into writing more in-depth to their novels. He also opened up a lot of other genres including horror and science-fiction. He influenced the genre as a whole to think outside the box and not conform to the traditional terror-type books (Bleiler

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