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Though we all know how bad tobacco usage and smoking is for our health, we don’t quit its usage. Some people do try, some even take medication to get rid of it but it lands them nowhere. According to most of the surveys, those who are addicted to tobacco consumption in one way or the other can quit the habit for sometime but only some of them can quit it forever. Though it is all about will power, it is related to stress as well. It is seen that professionals that have high levels of stress and mental pressure tend to start smoking on a regular basis, which leads to a lot of diseases and affects your health tremendously. So, we present to you the list of facts related to smoking that can not only affect but also ruin your health. Facts About…show more content…
30% cancer cases can be prevented every year if people quit smoking and consuming alcohol and adapt a healthier lifestyle. 14. Most of the studies suggest that Marijuana is less harmful than smoking or drinking. 15. Sigmund Freud, even after going through 30 surgeries for cancer, never quit smoking. 16. Second American President, John Adams, started smoking at the age of eight. 17. Nearly 9 million Americans develop a serious illness due to smoking. 18. A study found out that due to smoking your hair start graying faster. 19. The entire population of the US is equivalent to the smoking population of China. 20. It is noted that those who smoke have 200 to 400 percent higher chances of a heart attack than non-smokers. 21. Smoking pipes and cigars are as dangerous for your health as smoking a cigarette is. 22. Ardi Rizal, a 2-year-old from Indonesia made headlines in 2010 due to his smoking habits. He used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day. 23. The very famous German passenger airship, Hindenburg, had a smoking area even though it was inflated with hydrogen gas which is very flammable. 24. One-third of the entire world’s adult population smokes. 25. Women who smoke get sagging breasts at an earlier age as compared to those who don’t

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