Emily Smith Life On The Island Analysis

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In her piece, ‘Life on the Island”, Emily Smith introduces Emile Durkhiem as “the father of sociology”. She states the theories he proposed almost one hundred years ago, are prominently relevant in todays society. Smith presents that our beloved “individualism” maybe untimely detrimental to us. In modern day western culture, we honor the idea of being self reliant. She claims that it is not in mans nature to be without a solid support system at home and in his community. Yet, as time moves forward, people are becoming more egotistic, thinking solely about the “I” factor. As narcissism increases, social connectedness decreases, impacting people negatively. Instead of liberation, this mentality brings on depression and record high suicide rates. She concludes that the individuals without any type of social constraints, ideals or traditions overall end up less secure and more susceptible to desolation. Smith presents a conceivable argument. We as human’s posses the innate desire to be celebrated in high times and comforted at the lows, but in a society that decorates those who go it alone, these needs are often ignored. University of Virginia sociologist, Bradford Wilcox reveals that “men do not thrive as rugged individualists making…show more content…
He presented ‘Love and Belongingness’ as third, following only after physiological and safety needs. According to him “man will hunger for affectionate relations with people in general, namely for place in his group” Belongingness, defined as ‘personal involvement in a social system’, is critical for child development, interpersonal communications and mental health. We crave a sense of meaning and purpose. Living and feel that one is contributing to the good of society as a whole is incentive to continue on doing so. We are built as parts of a whole and when someone isolates themselves into their own sector, it is the loneliness that leads to

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