Personal Narrative: The Day I Witnessed The Birth Of My Nephew Asher-Drake

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January 12, 2015, the day I witnessed the birth of my nephew Asher-Drake. I will never forget the excitement I had. I was spoked to see his little hands and feet. My guardian, Missy, and I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and went to Florida Hospital in Sebring. The whole time my sister Melissa was pregnant, I took pictures of her stomach as Asher-drake grew inside her stomach. I was going to do a Flipgram, it’s a slide show app that you can put in music with the slideshow. When gets older I am going to show him the Flipgram. As soon as Missy and I got to the hospital, I was taking pictures of Melissa in the bluish and greenish gown. The room was somewhat big, it had a bathroom, a baby crib, and a chair that folded out into a bed. The walls had black and white pictures of pregnant women’s bellies.…show more content…
JJ, Melissa’s boyfriend, who I absolutely despise, wasn’t there. Melissa said he has been gone for about two hours. So Missy and I drove around the hospitals parking lot, he wasn’t there, so then we drove to Walmart and checked there parking lot, he wasn’t there! By the way he was driving my sister’s car, without a divers licenses! At this point I was getting really annoyed, because he is supposed to be there for my sister when she has her baby, but no, he doesn’t care! So when we went back to the hospital I erased his name off the board that says the nurses name on it and who is going to be in the room for the

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