Personal Narrative: Substance Abuse In A Home

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I was raised in a home with a sister and two working parents, however, my childhood was plagued with constant fear and unpredictability. My dad suffers from alcoholism, drug addictions, bipolar disorder, and anger management, making him the scariest and most abusive person I have ever met. My dad would hold us captive in our home, threaten and demean us, force my sister and I to watch him attack my mother, and get so close to me and scream that his chewing tobacco would spray into my face and the scent of alcohol would make me want to puke - all to prove to us that our house was his house. When we could escape, we would run and and sleep wherever we were well hidden. If my dad found us, my mom would get his ‘ultimate punishment:’ threatening…show more content…
With no belongings, we slept on a different floor every night because we’d have to move on to the next family that would take us as soon as my dad got word of our whereabouts. In the midst of living on the run, my mother was faced with almost $40,000 of debt from a combination of unpaid settlements from my dad, accumulating medical bills, and being laid off five times in seven years. Additionally, my grandmother passed away and my grandfather on my mom’s side became paralyzed from Guillain-Barre Syndrome. During this time of my life in middle school, I earned straight A’s, received perfect scores on consecutive STAR tests, excelled in the Gifted And Talented Education program, won league titles in two sports, volunteered for local charities, and received my class’ “Scholar Athlete” and “Presidential” awards at my eighth grade…show more content…
I have a leadership role on campus, am studying deep into a foreign language, participate as a two sport athlete, work and volunteer in the local community, and remain the number one rank of my class. The events of my life haven’t made me bitter, they have made me eager. I am a strong and resilient individual with goals and ambition. I want to experience all that I can, I want to learn from anyone that will teach me, I want to help those in need, I want to achieve goals and keep setting more, and I want a chance to rid myself of the weights from my life that have tried to hold me down. Although my life is much like a tumultuous and unpredictable roller coaster that I have to ride, I know that I will force the door of this coaster open and get off. I’ve lost my house, my father, my grandmother, grandfather, every penny to both of my parents’ names, and every item that I have ever owned. However, burning brightly within me is the fire of education whicha remains the one hope and desire that the winds, twists, and turns haven’t managed to extinguish. Because of the consistency of my favorite and most prized possession, I will cherish, protect, and feed my education for as long as I

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