Personal Narrative: My Search For A Better Life

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When I was 7 years old, my mom decided that she wanted a better life for her family. My mom, younger brother, and I came to the United States. My dad and older brother stayed in Dominican Republic. We lived in Brooklyn, New York with my uncle and his family for a few months. Then, we moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania and lived in my aunt's basement.My mom worked at a factory with my aunt and came home late at night. The basement was always cold and we had to sleep with layers of clothes on. The room in the basement was small and there were two full size mattresses. My brother slept by himself and I slept with my mom. When my mom got home, I would wake up to the sounds of her walking down the steps. She would look extremely exhausted and the bags under her eyes were noticeable. She would walk slowly because her legs were weak from all of the hours that she had been standing.Then, she would lay next to me and fall asleep. There were times when I would see my mom crying because we were struggling and she felt like she couldn't take it anymore. She went from being a Doctor in Dominican Republic to being a factory worker in the United States just to give her family a better life.…show more content…
I was placed on English Second Language (ESL) classes and received the help that I needed. After a few months, my mom was able to rent a house for us to live in. When we moved, we didn't have anything of our own. My mom quit her job at the factory and started working for a mental health center in the record room. The company offered different courses and the opportunity to get a Mastery in Family Therapy. My mom took all of the courses and started to work as a therapist. We moved to a different house and by that time my mom had a car and we had everything that we

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