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All eukaryotic cells have a nucleus that have their organelles enclosed within their membranes. Every cell is different, but the cell has to be classified either as a plant cell or an animal cell. A cell is basically the smallest structure of an organism that has a nucleus enclosed in a membrane. Every cell has its own features but the main function for every cell is to transport molecules, convert energy, and reproduce. If a cell does not have these traits, then it should not be classified as a cell. The goal is to find out what the mystery cell is, so that others can classify cells by just looking at them. To classify a cell, you will need to know the physical features of the cell, the question is how would you classify the mystery cell?…show more content…
The data that was important was the Plant and Animal Cell videos, notes, and other research that was done about the features of a cell. The videos explained what each cell did and what it was consisted of. A plant cell was basically described similarly to an Animal cell except a plant cell had a chloroplast, cell wall, and and a large vacuole. All these organelles were only special to a plant cell, which made it different from an animal cell. For example a plant cell has a chloroplast, so it can change its color to green because Chloroplasts contain a pigment called a chlorophyll. This data was used only due to the fact that it would help classify the differences between an animal cell and a plant cell. Since the data was found and listed, the time came to figure out what the mystery cell was. All the cells were hard to classify because they had a lot of organelles and features in common like ribosomes, cell membrane, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, golgi apparatus, cytoplasm, and nucleoplasm. Therefore, the mystery cell is classified as a plant cell mainly due to the reason that the chloroplast turns the color of a cell

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