Personal Narrative: My First Car

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My first car We can all say we remember our first car, but how many of us can say it is still in our driveway? Can you remember your first ticket? Can you still recall the times you stayed out past curfew and got grounded? I’m sure we all have fond memories of our first car and the trouble it got us in. I remember the day I got mine like it was yesterday. During Spring Break 2002, while visiting my father in Myrtle Beach, SC, I had a busy week visiting before I had to head back home 1 hour away to Marion, SC. On my last day there he decided it was finally time to take me car shopping. So after much anticipation, off we went on a hunt to find the perfect vehicle for me. After looking at this dealership, to that one then to this one to that one we couldn’t agree on anything. We decided to go looking in Florence which was only 1 hour or so from his home. The day was shifting into early evening as the sun slowly began to descend to the top of the trees when we finally came to the last dealership of the day before it was time for me to head back home. I was so anxious to find my dream vehicle. I didn’t want to leave…show more content…
A 2500 Chevy truck lifted that looked as if it was made for me and matched my personality. It’s black on black made the already warm spring day feel like mid-July. I remember sitting in it for the first time and clutching the blazing hot steering wheel. Once I moved my hands to the bottom of the wheel where it had been in the shade and was much cooler, it felt perfect in my hands. As I looked around I was determined for it to be mine. I envisioned it decorated with camo seat covers and pictured my graduation tassel hanging over the rear-view mirror. I could picture my friends squished like sardines in the passenger back seat which looked like it was only fit for 2. By my side, I visualized my girlfriend in the passenger seat, with all my friends along for the
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