Personal Narrative: My American Bubble Era Of Opportunity

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We live in an unprecedented era of opportunity. We live in a peaceful country, where access to both information and connectivity with other people is easier than at any other point in history. Furthermore, there is an existing system and infrastructure designed to help us achieve our full potential. Unfortunately when I was younger I did not take full advantage of the opportunities available to me. I floated through high school, where academic achievement was a low priority of mine. My short term thinking and low ambition at the time, left me when it came time to determine what I wanted to pursue after high school. Ultimately, I decided to join the workforce after I graduated high school. It was the best decision I have ever made. Working has…show more content…
While growing up the extent of my surroundings was narrow, but since graduating high school I have become significantly more aware. Some of that is through personal experiences. I have had coworkers who worked long hours over multiple jobs, all just to provide decent life’s for their families. I have also been to dental offices in the rougher parts of Hartford where poverty is widely present. Seeing the lives around me has made me realize how unbelievably fortunate I have been throughout my life. Awareness of the world outside of our American bubble does so by an even greater amount. A horrifyingly vast number of people live in brutal conditions, that to them is their normal everyday life. My own grandfather spent part of his youth fleeing from a war-torn country. He had to seek shelter in caves, while praying that the measly roots and berries he could find would be enough to prevent him from starving to death. All the struggles and tribulations I have experienced in my life are completely trivial relative to the suffering of too many people have experienced, both in the present and the past. This is a powerful understanding that has helped free my conscious from negative emotions I may feel whenever I hit a bump in the

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