Personal Narrative-Leg Pain

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When I wake up it’s a blur, I hear beeping and whispering in the back ground. I try and sit up suddenly the pain overwhelms me. When my eyes focus I realize I’m in the hospital. One second I was in a wheel chair and the next second I’m lying in a hospital bed screaming at the top of my lungs. I had been through two spinal taps, one of which I was awake for. I have missed 2 months of school, I am now hospitalized, and I can’t walk. When I look desperately across the room no answers are given. I never thought I’d live past that moment. Leg weakness was how it started, then leg pain, and now I’m in the hospital with a catheter. My mom keeps asking for the nurses to give me more pain medication. I’m 15 and no one can tell me why I can’t walk

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