Temperate Decidious Forest Research Paper

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Temperate Decidious What it is The fact that the temperate decidious forest goes through 4 seasons makes it most recognizable. The leaves change color and fall throughout the fall and winter seasons. In the Spring the leaves start to grow back to their full health and in the summer the trees need water so they can grow, meaning they can grow more leaves. Climate The Climate of a Temperate decidious forest includes an average temperature of -30 to 30 degrees celsicus and the yearly average is about 10 degrees celscius. This biome has hot summers, cold winters and receives approximately 750 to 1500 MM of rain per year. One fact that you might find interesting is that the trees have special bark that can shed snow in the winter. Geographical features…show more content…
The trees leaves fall during September and December. This is one of the reasons why the season is called fall. If you look to the East, North and the SouthEast of this biome you might happen to get a glimpse of the beautiful Appalacian Oak Forest Region. Another name you might know for it is a system of paralell valleys and ridges. some dominate trees in this woodland are the Northern Red Oak and the White oak. The oldest region of this wonderful region is called the Mixed Mesophytic forest region. It is located in the Appalacian and Cumberland Plateus. According to http://dendro.cnre.vt.edu/ nearly all of the species in the temperate decidious forest live here and reach their maximum development. The mixed Mesophytic region is thought to be where the other forests in the forest were based off

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