Personal Narrative: How Drug Abuse Changed My Life

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We all have life-changing things happen to us. I’m just glad I made it through this one. It was 2013 I was 14 years old and abused. Because of the abuse I was also doing a lot of drugs and cutting. Therefor, I was constantly putting myself in dangerous situations such as dirty houses filled with people doing drugs, and having criminals as friends. Through these experiences I’ve learned that my life, and wellbeing is way more important than looking “ cool “ to my friends. It all started my freshman year of high school; I was the new kid and, rightfully so, I was scared of all the seniors, until I started dating one. At this time I was the cool freshmen dating the senior who was the biggest drug dealer in my school, we were the only openly lesbian couple in school but we were also known…show more content…
Due to her criminal lifestyle, I started doing drugs. At first, it was just to fit in with her crowd but as the pain and abuse got worse I was doing them to numb out and get away from her. One night, we decided to go to a weekend-long party that turned into us going to a trap house, drinking and doing drugs. The first night was bad I wasn’t coherent, the second night however quickly turned into the worst night of my life. By then we got bored with the drugs we were doing and get for something stronger, heroin. At first, it was the best high of my life but coming down wasn’t quite as fun. As the high was fading, so was my love for my girlfriend. If cheating on her wasn’t bad enough, doing it in front of her was. When I was done doing what I did, I was pulled away and dragged into the next room. Due to my confusion, fear, and fading high I was scared shitless. What happened next was even worse, after being thrown on the bed I was then chocked though my lack of air I managed to let out “what are you gonna, do hit me?” And to my surprise that’s exactly what she did. Somehow I managed to get my hands free, in doing so I rapped them around

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