Personal Narrative: Fear Freshman Year Of College

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Enter college in spring of 1976 is not much different from entering college in fall of 2015. My aunt Sheila attend Southern Illinois University at Carbondale from 1976 to 1979 where she majored in accounting and business and recied Certified public account and Chartered Global Management Accounted degrees. Shelia is now a successful CGMA since 1980 as well as a loving wife and a mother. Sheila states she does not feel that she learned whom she really was or how strong she was until dealing with the Freshman Fears as she called them. Fear is still a primary emotion through out the whole college process especially in the freshman year. The freshman year fears are but not limited to: Fear of not making friends, fears of failing a class, fear…show more content…
High school for both Sheila and I was easy we never study and would do our homework and papers the morning of and still get an A. Sheila says she remembers pulling out a notebook the day before her first college paper was due she looked at the assignment guide and freak out when she say that it had to be seven pages. “ I cried and wrote all night by the next morning my wrist and eyes were both swollen as can be and I still only got a c on the paper”. When she got back the grade she was highly upset with herself,” I wish I could say I never did a paper last minute again but I be lying I continued to do the same crying process with every paper until the end of my freshman year”. College academic struggles come with not only is it harder to just side by as you could in high school you also you don’t have any one to tell you not to go out and to stay in and work. My aunt said one of her biggest struggles through out all of college was not going out with her friends at every opportune she had since you were just so excited to be able to do what you want when you want. ” Never try and write a paper drunk you won’t finish it and if you do you won’t get a good…show more content…
“ I cannot remember the number of times that I doubt myself in college I doubt my personality, my study habits, major, lifesyslte choices and so on”. Sheila said freshman year was when everything she new in her life prior was set up in flames. There so many new things to try and experience in college and one lecture can change how you view your whole life. Sheila went through at least a dozen phases freshman year such as being a purpled hair vegan for two months to being a gym junky for two weeks. “ you want to try everything you see in college there are going to be days were you wake up wanting to drop out and than others where you are trying to stay another four years cause your so in love with

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