Antecedent Of Sarah's Behavior In The Classroom

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The specific grade level I would like to teach is fifth grade and within the classroom it is imperative that the students know crucial instructions and commands. Sarah’s behavior would cause a disruption within the classroom because wandering about the room interrupts the class and monopolizes the teacher’s time. The teacher will be unproductive as she takes time to address Sarah’s behavior. The other students will miss essential commands and directives. Sarah’s conduct can also become a power struggle if the teacher ignores her and allows her behavior to escalate. The other students will presume that wandering around the room is acceptable behavior if the teacher turns a blind eye to the interference. A2. Antecedent A possible antecedent of Sarah’s behavior within the classroom is that…show more content…
Sarah will modify her behavior to avoid an unpleasant logical consequence. Logical consequences support the mediation that keeps students secure while providing the tools that enable them to learn (Education World, 2011). Sarah will be confronted about her behavior, the teacher will reiterate the classroom expectations, and she will be given the choice to change her actions. Students are often more willing to improve their conduct when they are treated with respect. Logical consequences impart students with essential skills for success later in their adulthood, however, these consequences must be sensible and considerate (Nelson, 1985). This intervention in place must avoid humiliating her in front of her peers and taking further time away from classroom instruction. According to the National Education Association, a teacher should never engage a student in front of peers because it not only embarrasses the student, but it may also escalate a bad situation (McNeely,

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