Duane Reynolds: A Fictional Narrative

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Not rich enough. Looked like a player? Duane, with eyes closed, and arm around Karmen's waist, had smiled to himself, and given her a little squeeze after she'd responded to Kurt. "Nice story, cuddlepot," he'd then whispered in her ear, before leaving Karmen to handle the conversation for the remainder of the journey. By the time they'd arrived at their destination, he regretted that decision. As they'd conversed, one of Duane's eyes had snuck half-open to appraise the manner in which Kurt constantly tilted his head to smile at the soon-to-be bride in his back-seat, and he hadn't appreciated the way the two seemed to be getting along so fine. Stop it. He'd admonished himself, and wondered if he'd been struck by a hint of jealousy. No, it couldn't be; that emotion wasn't one Duane Reynold's was familiar with. It was simply that he'd yet to sleep with the woman, and his competitive streak didn't like to be beaten to the punch. Anyway, he could console himself with the fact that the other man was married. Duke didn't even realise how his arm had instinctively and protectively tightened around Karmen as he attempted to banish the negative thoughts from his mind.…show more content…
Karmen was almost close enough to kiss, and Duke thought about doing just that as his eyes landed back on hers. Not just a peck either, a proper kiss! However, he managed to restrain himself, and instead laughed. "What's the matter, Honeybunch, don't enjoy sweet talk?" He raised a brow and teasingly scrunched up his nose, before he nodded over her shoulder. "A couple like this, they probably hide all sorts of valuables, but, of course, that and their hospitality is not all I'd planned taking advantage of." Duane paused as the woman approached

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