Personal Narrative Essay: What I Changed My Life

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7am was an extremely early time for me to wake up on a normal Saturday morning considering I’d usually lie in my bed till 10 then get ready to volunteer at the shop. But today wasn’t a normal Saturday. This was a Saturday to remember. This is the Saturday that would potentially shape my life. I clenched my phone in my hands. Why was I so nervous? Never in my life have I worked so hard for something, surely I would receive what I deserved? Minutes passed and it felt like hours. BUZZ. Determined not to look, I threw my phone to the right side of my bed and submerged my face in my quilt. I prayed so hard - If God didn’t hear me then he must be deaf. Anxiously lifting my head I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Relieved, I let out a big sigh.…show more content…
One being the instructions and other being the decider. This should be quick and simple and soon I’d realise that made a mountain out of a molehill. Examining the instructions, I read over them twice to ensure I didn’t make any mistakes. Placing myself back on the toilet I held the instructions to my chest. Come on I can do this. I followed the instructions and my wait began. No turning back now, it was done. I thought about how my life could change in less than 5 minutes. Im seventeen, I’m responsible for my own decisions. So many things could have been done to even prevent this moment right now. Tristan will laugh when I tell him the hell I’ve been through this morning, because I’m overreacting. Waiting for the test to reveal my fate I heard a noise coming from downstairs. Must be mum coming back from work, hopefully she wouldn’t come looking for me. No one I love more than my mum. She’s a role model, the most diligent person I know and the reason I work so hard. Finally for the first time a smile stretched on my face thinking of all the sacrifices she has made for me to be who I am… Or who I was. Times was up and my future was decided. I shook the test in some hope of good luck and looked

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