Personal Narrative Essay: The Dangers Of Smoking In My Life

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I go jogging by 5; am it’s a recent thing I started one week after riving Geneva, As the day begins to break, and my flatmate still in bed, I sneak out, this is the only opportunity I have to myself to think clearly and have a smoke. I’m not a smoker I don’t think I even know how to smoke. I do it to feel like a rebel it’s my life and I can do whatever I want now. As I begin to run taking the usual path, I think to myself freedom feels great, enjoy this while it lasts. I stopped to take a deep breath as the cold morning air filled my lungs, it felt good; at the same time, thoughts about what was going on back home filled my mind. I get tempted to call once in a while but I stop myself. It could ruin my peace. At least I left a note they know I’m in Geneva. I don’t feel remorse the way I handled things I don’t know if that is a good thing but they left me no choice. I could say I am the happiest at this point in my life…show more content…
The way she spoke about finding a man you would think they sold them at the market. She began to think I rejected them all purposely. It was simply impossible not to find a man. Everything became about finding a man. She finds you sleeping it is because you haven’t found a man; when I complain about how sad I was about not finding a job, she said it was because I don’t have a man. When I told her about Nneka a classmate of mine who had an accident on her way from a job interview she said it wouldn't have happened if she had a man. She should be in her husband’s house cooking not running around. I began to ask myself if getting a husband and having children was every woman purpose on this earth. I have had healthy relationships they were great; it all ended because I did not want to walk down the

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