Yellow Umbrella Movement Analysis

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It is convinced that ‘Umbrella Revolution’ remains distinctly in Hongkongers’ memories. A year passed, the photo shoot in Yellow Umbrella Movement still evokes my personal emotion and thought. First of all, ‘heart-rending’, ‘helpless’, ‘alone’ and ‘chaos’ are the primary words pop up in my mind once I read the photo. The white smoke is filled in the air with many broken umbrellas fall on the crossroad. And people just run around to get rid of being attacked. It is depressed to see the protesters are under assault with no defense and any weapons. The anti-riot police, standing guard on two sides of the road, keep throwing tear gas grenades to the crowd. Even worse, there are some fire sparks drop on the road as shown in the photo. It is…show more content…
And it drives me develop a feeling of gloomy. However, the man who is in the center of the photo paves a way for me to have a different emotion. As he stands out from the chaos and raises high the umbrellas with both hands. This scene leads me to think of a significant associative word, ‘fearless’. From his upright standing posture to his eyes staring straightforward, I can see how determined he is. Through the photo, it can be noticed that people around the man all bend their bodies to a lower level and run backward. It creates a big contrast between the man in the center and the surrounding people. In this way, I can ensure that the man is not afraid of being attacked and arrested by the anti-riot police. He is intent on succeeding in the Yellow Umbrella Revolution. With a view to showing the resolution of the man, there is little room for improvement in photo shooting. I suggest that the photographer keeps the camera lens focus on the center only. Therefore, the man in center can be in focus while the others will be blurred. I opine that it is effective in catching viewers’ attentions to the man. On the other hand, I propose the…show more content…
It is extraordinary to see that the highway in Central is not crowded with vehicles, but a throng of citizens holding a rally. Through searching on the Internet, I can find loads of news articles about the civil disobedience movement at that time. I discover the photo has a huge relation to ‘Occupy Central’ which took place in Hong Kong on 28th September, 2014. ‘Occupy Central’ movement is organized by Benny Tai Yiu-ting, an associate professor of Law in University of Hong Kong. Thousands of protesters participated in order to air their grievances on the implementation of universal suffrage for the Chief Executive Election in 2017 and the Legislative Council Election in 2020. Unfortunately, ‘Occupy Central’ leads to blockage of different roads in Central. And it paralyzes Hong Kong financial hub. At that time, economics and transportation in Hong Kong were seriously affected. As shown in the photo, the anti-riot police stand guard on both sides of the road spread tear gas grenades and use pepper-spray canon to the crowd in a bid to clear the street in Central. The confrontation between the anti-riot police and the citizens arouse public awareness on ‘Occupy Central’ movement. It calls out dozens of people to support the protesters. Afterwards, the civil disobedience movement is extended to a larger scale. The yellow umbrella used in the mass rally becomes

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