Personal Narrative Essay: Emma's Nightmare

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“What are you doing?! Stop that Emma!” said I, suffering from nightmare. When I called Emma, she never replied to my words in the dream and in a moment, she took off her necklace, and threw it towards the Mountain Dragon. If Emma was an ORDINARY person, then there would’ve been no problem; the thing is that Emma would die within three days if she takes out her necklace. Panicking, I woke up. Phew, good that it was just a dream… it would have been so frustrating if it was real. …!? With worry and fear, I stretched my hand near my collar; I could feel the cold, hard, frustrating texture of the brooch. That brooch was an enchanted brooch that can let people foresee the upcoming future. Will that nightmare happen in reality? Will Emma leave this world soon? Again, I was filled…show more content…
Although I needed to go to Emma’s place urgently, I decided to take a sleep because without strength, I cannot fight with the foe when I encounter them. The sound of crying bird woke me up in the morning. I put all my belongings in my bag, and hurried to the Wilson Castle. *** Finally, it took until the evening of that day for me to arrive to my destination. “…This must be the Wilson Castle that was in the letter. It’s ginormous.” I said, surprised; at the same moment, I realized that this brawl will not be easy. It is not only because of the size of castle, but the vigorous aura of opponent. Even though I didn’t know what kind of beast Smoit Wilson was, he certainly could feel the indestructible atmosphere of it. The entrance gate of Smoit’s castle was beautifully adorned; there were many bulls carved in the wooden door. Adaon opened the heavy door carefully. As he went in, he heard a creepy, mysterious voice that greeted him suspiciously. “Well, well, welcome to my castle. I am the one who abducted your dear sister.” Said the voice. I said, “Where are you? Please, let me meet my sister! I...” But the voice ignored my claim and

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