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With great hesitation, I pulled out the stopper on the teddy bear bank, and poured out some coins. Reluctantly, I chose a coin and looked to see what it was. Little did I know what I was to find would lead me on an adventure of a lifetime. That coin would send me diving into the field of numismatics. From first getting my feet wet in the hobby, to inheriting a couple of piggy banks, and finally pursuing coin-collecting with a great passion has brought me to depths I could never imagine. When I was 6, I started on a journey that I did not know I was going to continue. My late grandpa had given me a State Commemorative Quarter Board. At the time not all the quarters had been released, so I keenly set out to collect the quarters as they came out, so I could fill in the empty holes. Excitedly, I would run down to our local candy store to see if the owner had any new quarters. Occasionally, she would have a new quarter, and I would breathlessly run home to fit it in. On one instance I even traded quarters with the grandson of the owner, who was a couple of years younger than me. He…show more content…
By the time I finished all the cataloging of the coins, over 800 coins worth over $800 and approximately 20 oz. of silver had crossed my hands. From when I first waded into the realm of coin-collecting with only a limited view of what I was doing, to wading in once again with the teddy-bear banks and ending up in the deep end, coin-collecting for me has gone from just getting a few coins to fill in the holes, to pursuing it with great passion. I have really grown my interest in it from grudgingly going through piggy banks to pursuing it as a hobby. I hope to continue adding to my collection, and I will never pass an opportunity to go through a piggy bank

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