Marzdorf And Landeshut Essay

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Marzdorf and Landeshut were both forced labor for young Jewish girls. Marzdorf was the most intense camp that Gerda would have to endure during the war. It was nothing like the camp that she came from. Bolkenhain was a new camp. Gerda and Isle were apart of the first group of Jewish girls to occupy the bunks, which was nice to see they had fresh bunks that were clean (pg. 117). Gerda became very close to everyone in the camp and even there she had a close relationship with her supervisor. There was always a senior Jewess in charge of a group that would be directly responsible for them (pg.115). For this camp, there was rarely ever physical violence in this camp. The first time she experienced real violence in this camp was the first morning after her arrival. Mrs.…show more content…
Mrs. Berger only did this to show her authority to the girls (pg.118). This kind of violence was rare and not seen often in this camp, unlike Marzdorf. When Gerda first arrived at Marzdorf it was very different. They were first counted with a whip. Mardorf was badly organized with few regular jobs. Several supervisors would appear during roll call in the morning and pick a number of girls for whatever work there was to be done (like a slave market) (pg. 146). There were several jobs that had to be done at the camp but, you did not know what work you would do or even if you would be picked until the morning of roll call. There was bricklaying and factory work that Gerda would do her first week she was at Marzdorf. Inside the factory, she was chosen to clean and oil delicate parts of machinery (pg. 147). The worst work in the camp would’ve been flax detail. In flax detail, the crane operator would throw bundles where girls had to pass bunles until they reached the barn. This was especially hard because your arms would soon become bloody, swollen, and infected by the prickly fibers. The dust was thick and would irritate your eyes and your wounds, making it difficult to

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